Greetings and salutations, fellow knowledge seekers! I'm Guiomar, a mother, ailurophile, and nurse. Meaning I'm passionate about parenting, cats, and nursing. My life is researching and writing about nursing, medical, and historical minutia on unquestionably some arcane and esoteric subjects. But, the ordinary and mundane are represented here, too, hopefully with information that is new to you. I hope you find what I've written exciting and educational in your journey as a knowledge seeker or medical professional.

The inspiration and impetus for sharing the knowledge I've gained are due in large part to my creative son, my raison d'être and to my first (and also my last) love of my life (miss you so much!), both of whom always encouraged me and believed I could do anything! To them both, I dedicate this site.
Got an idea for a research topic? Need content for your own site or publication? Looking for offbeat yet well-researched topics?  Drop me a line.  If I use your idea for a topic on this site, I give credit where it's due. Please be aware all content on this site are original works and is copyrighted (credit is given to exceptions). Articles may not be reprinted in whole or part without express permission of author, Guiomar Goransson, RN, Nursing Outtakes.
Contact me with your idea or literary requirements. Give me a few days lead time as I'm usually busy at the Nerdery researching stuff, playing with my wise and glorious cats, or being amazed by the creative world of my talented progeny. A wise man once told me, "Living is a business, too."